Creation, the ordering of the heavenly bodies, and early man

M101 Song of the creation of heaven and earth Yang Zhi
M102 The Master Ndlie-za and the Master Ndlie-bang.  Tao Zi-gai
M103 Song of the creating of the world. Tao Zi-gai
M104 How Yeu-dlang-ndu separated the sky from the earth.  Wang Jian-guo
M105 The work of setting sky and earth in order.  Yang Zhi
M106 A song of setting sky and earth in order  Zhang Ming
M107 The song of Ndu-nzha-byu. Tao Zi-gai
M108 Ya-ya shoots the suns and moons  Yang Xiu-gong
M109 How Ya-ya shot the suns and moons Woman from Hmao-zu-mu
M110 How Ya-ya shot the suns and moons Man from Hmao-a-bw
M111 Concerning Sun-maid and Moon-youth. Man from Hmao-a-gw-gw
M112 The building of sky and earth. Wang Ming-ji
M113 Earth’s Ndrao-bang.  Singer not recorded
M114 The wild goose and the crane distinguish Winter and Summer. A man from Hmao-go-ndlao, in the congregation of Hmao-a-dyu
M115 First-woman and first-man. Told by Wang Jian-guo
M116 How the Kha-woman plucked the hair from mankind. Zhang Ming
M117 How people used to cast their skins. Told by Wang Jia-guo
M118 A song of choosing a bride. Singer not recorded.
M119 The song of Nzhai-jio-shi-du. Zhang Ming
M120 A hunting song. (1) Collected by Wang Ming-ji
M121 A hunting song. (2) Sung by a man from Hmao-a-gw-gw
M122 A hunting song. (3) Sung by Zhang Wei-ching

The Flood and related stories.

M131 The song of the Flood.  Yang Zhi
M132 The Flood.  Lu Xing-fu
M133 Song of the Flood. Zhang Ming
M134 The song of the Flood.  A grandmother from Hmao-zu-mu
M135 The Flood, section two. Zhu Zhi
M136 The Flood, section three. Zhu Zhi
M137 The foolish Miao man who twisted up cones of grass for boundary marks. Wang Jian-chuai

Songs of Zhyu-shi-lao who cleared the forests.

M141 Zhyu-shi-lao. Yang-Zhi
M142 The song of Zhyu-shi-lao. Lu Xing-fu
M143 The song of Zhyu-shi-lang. Zhang Ming
M144 The Leader Zhyu-shi-lao, a farming song. Pan Xie
M145 Zhyu-shi-lang’s song.  Zhang Ming

Legends of Nzyu-fa-lao. the first shaman-healer.

M151 Nzyu-fao-lao, his birth on earth. Yang Xiu
M152 Nzyu-fa-lao qualifies as a shaman-healer. Yang Zhi
M153 Nzyu-fa-lao outwitting the Kha-woman. Yang Zhi
M154 Nzyu-fa-lao, song of the Kha-man and Kha-woman who ate people.  Singer not recorded
M155 Nzyu-fao-lao, catching the robbers.  Zhang Xin-mi
M156 Nzyu-fao-lao, channeling water and shooting the great snake.  Wang Jian-guo
M157 Nzyu-fao-lao, draining the lake for farming.  Yang Zhi
M158 A song of Nzyu-fao-lao.  Singer not recorded
M159 How the dog went to get seed.  Yang Xiu-gong
M160 How the spotted dog obtained seed.  Yang Xiu