Miao History

Early Leaders

M201 Three leaders. Wang Da-lu
M202 How the ancients passed their time. Wang Jian-guo
M203 A bundle of Miao traditions. Yang Ya-go
M204 Concerning the Elder Gi-myu's search for the Elder Gi-zi. Wang Da-lu
M205 The descendants of the Elder Gi-myu. Wang Tien-chun
M206 The descendants of Zie-gha-lao. Yang Zhi
M207 The song of Zie-gha-lao. Lu Xing-fu

The conflict with the Chinese and the loss of the homeland.

B001 The background to the conflict Keith Parsons
M211 The Elder Gi-vu and the Elder Gi-no Yang Zhi
M212 The soldiers of the Elder Gi-vu and the Elder Gi-no. Yang Zhi
M213 The descendants of the Elder Gi-yie. Yang Zhi
M214 The descendants of the Elder Gi-chi. Yang Zhi
M215 The descendants of Gha-sao-hmao-byu. Yang Zhi
M216 The descendants of three Elders. Yang Zhi
M217 The belongings of the Miao old folk. Yang Zhi
M218 The old native land which was lost Yang Zhi
M219 The descendants of the Elder Gi-yie and the Elder Gi-chi. Zhang Ming
M220 The song of a man and a woman called Ndlw. Tao Zi-gai
M221 When the Miao lived  on the Tracts of  Mi-li and the Plains of  Li-mo. Tao Zi-gai
M222 Concerning the Man Li-dao.  Section one. Tao Zi-gai
M223 Lao-gi-jiai and the Man Dao. Wang Ming-ji

Migration to the Nuo territory.

M231 Twelve Miao families, fleeing, reach Nuo country. Yang-Zhi
M232 Customs devised by twelve Miao families for their protection. Yang Zhi
M233 Song of how twelve Miao clans, fleeing, reached Nuo country. Yang Zhi
M234 The song of the Man Cao.  How the Miao arrived in Byu-no country. Yang Nggai-xing
M235 Concerning the Man Li-dao.  Section two. Tao Zi-gai
M236 The Miao homeland of Nzhi-mi-li. Zhu Zhai-ming
M237 Concerning the Man Li-dao.  Section four. Tao Zi-gai
M238 Zie-li-dao of Gi-nzyu and Zie-lao-no from Lord Syu-gyu. Tao Zi-gai
M239 Song of the Man from  Lord Gyu.   (1) Anon
M240 Song of the Man from Lord Gyu.    (2) Anon
M241 The times of the Man Li-byu.  Zhang Shu-wei

The saga of Byu-no and Sao-no.

M251 Matters concerning Byu-no and Sao-no. Yang Sa-gai
M252 Song of our Miao ancestors leaving Byu-no country. Yang Sa-gai
M253 How the Miao arrived in Sao-no land. Yang Nggai-xing
M254 Song of the marriage between Sao-no and Byu-no. Yang Jie-chuan
M255 Song of how the Miao living at Byu-no fled.  Li Nggai-guang
M256 Song of the Woman Cao and the Man Cao. Wang Ming-ji
M257 Song of the surroundings of the Sao-no family. Li Xing-zhen
M258 Song of the landlordís hard compulsory labour. Wang Jian-guo

Subsequent incidents and recent migrations.

M261 Song of the inspired maid from Hmao-ni-geu. Yang Wang-shi
M262 Song of the inspired maid from Hmao-dleu-lao. Yang Wang-shi
M263 Song of an inspired maid. Yang Nggai-xing
M264 A-yeu Hai, A-yeu Hxe and A-yeu Dao. Wang Ming-ji
M265 A-yeu Hai, A-yeu Hxe and A-yeu Dao. Wang Jian-guo
M266 The song of Tiger Valley. Anonymous
M267 How Gi-dleu oppressed the Miao community. Tao Zi-gai
M268 The song of Du-bw, the dull one. Wang Shi-cong
M269 The Master's able daughter. Lu Xing-fu
M270 Thoughts of a foolish one. A young woman from Hmao-fao-tu
M271 The time when the independent Yi and the Mohammedans both attacked Written by Tao zi-gai
M272 Concerning the man Lang-dai of Hmao-trao-bw Written by Tao Zi-gai
M273 Concerning the Miao flight to Wu-ding in Yunnan Written by Yang Jing-de
M274 How the Miao from Sao-no country dispersed elsewhere Written by Yang Jing-de