The song of Ndu-nzha-byu

Sung by Tao Zi-gai.


In all three documents in which this song is recorded it is placed immediately after Tao Zi-gai's song about the creation of sky and earth by four companies of copper smiths and black smiths. Yang Yung-xin who compiled Document K, clearly regarded the song as a creation story by giving it the title, "Ndu-nzha-byu, a song of the creation of sky and earth and all things". The first few lines do indeed support this assessment, but the name "Ndu-nzha-byu" which means "the one who set the sky in order at the beginning", together with the remainder of the song, suggests that it is more closely related to Yang Zhi's song about Heaven's Nzha-di-ao and his sister who set all things in order. However it does not appear to be simply another version of the same song, but rather, a different song, though on the same theme.

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