The Flood

Collected by Lu Xing-fu


Although there are some differences, this version of the Flood story clearly stems from the same line of oral tradition as that sung by Yang Zhi.

The most obvious difference is in the name used for the super-human individual who warned the two brothers of the impending disaster. Here only the second half of his title, "Yeu-jio-dlang-hnu", the " Man Dlang-hnu", is used.

Many lines in this, and in Yang Zhiís text, are identical, but line 31 is found only in this version. It describes the effort put into digging and re-digging their land, but which was frustrated by the intervention of the Man Dlang-hnu, as "nu li ngeu". This is the term regularly used for the compulsory, but unpaid, labour demanded by Yi landlords from their Miao tenants.

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