The descendants of three elders.

Sung by Yang Zhi.


This, the final song in the set of four, takes the form of a grand finale. The story is the same as before, but this time all the forces are marshalled together upon the stage. All three Miao clan leaders and both the Chinese commanders are involved. So far as the battle was concerned, the Chinese suffered one crushing defeat, but when they attacked again, it was the frightening effect of their exploding rockets which turned the tables and caused the Miao to flee. The constant repetition of five multisyllabic names makes this song rather heavy going, both in Miao and in the English translation. The exclamation added to the final "Thus it is ended" sounds very like a sigh of relief from the singer!

The description of the Golden City in a number of the conflict songs affirms that it was circular in shape, the houses were set in rows, and were constructed with timber frames and roofed with tiles, in fact, the lay out of a typical Chinese city. However, the sacred trees where sacrifices were offered and the sacred hill on which they stood, which are mentioned at the end of this song, are drawn entirely from the Miao tradition.

A unique feature of this song is the prophetic assertion that, though indeed the Miao had suffered defeat and had been driven from their homeland, nevertheless a day would come when their fortunes would be reversed, when the "destitute orphan" would become an "honoured guest".

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