Song of our Miao ancestors living in Byu-no country.

Sung by Yang Sa-gai.


Although there is some variation in detail between the different singers, the old Miao songs are unanimous that when the people had been driven from their ancient homeland by the Chinese, they eventually settled in a heavily forested area in the domains of the Yi feudal Lord of Byu-no. Throughout this song this name is translated into Miao as Lord Hmao-byu.

To begin with there was a friendly relationship between the landlord and his new tenants, which the present song describes. The latter duly paid their rent, and at New Year brought presents to, and received hospitality from Lord Byu-no. However, after a considerable time, perhaps several generations, the relationship became strained, as successive Lords of Byu-no demanded increasing amounts of compulsory unpaid labour from the Miao. Ultimately, when they could bear it no longer, they fled westwards, to the estates of Lord Sao-no.

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