Song of the marriage arranged between Sao-no and Byu-no.

Sung by Yang Jie-chuan.


This is yet another version of the story of the flight of the Miao from Byu-no to Sao-no. The basic cause of the migration was the longstanding desire of the Miao to escape from the harsh conditions of their tenancy at Byu-no, but there is no mention of the matter of the wooden spoons which, in the other versions, prompted their precipitant departure. Here the removal took place simply because the bride requested it, making it a condition for her agreement to the marriage deal. Presumably, though the song does not actually say so, it was with her father, the Lord Byu-no's knowledge and approval that she approached the Miao leaders. The latter, it appears, did not require much persuasion. In this version of the story the whole matter was arranged and carried through without any hint of ill feeling.

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