Miao spirits that were worshipped and those which caused sickness.
7. The Yi gi-lao-jiw.

(Also called the ti-shao-ma.)

Compiled by Yang Yung-xin.


Yang Yung-xinís description of the "dlang", which caused the death of cattle when thrown into the cattle shed, is not quite the same as that offered by Wang Ming-ji. Small sections of bamboo stuffed with cloth or yarn were traditional homes for spirits. The Yi people were sometimes called "Lo-lo", meaning "basket", by the Chinese, on account of the spirit baskets which hung against the ceilings of their houses. These baskets contained, among other things, a number of sections of bamboo an inch or two long, where the spirits could hide. Finding such a small object in the litter of a cattle pen, must have presented even a shaman-healer with something of a problem.

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