How the rang deceived the tiger.

Told by Yang Xiu-gong.


The Miao word for "rainbow" and "dragon" is also used as a proper name in a number of songs. It appears in the form "Yeu Rang", literally "Man Rang", and this is approximately equivalent to "old man Rang" in English. In the present piece old man Rang plays no active role, but elsewhere he is portrayed as a wealthy, formidable, even fierce personage, often possessing supernatural powers. His name, pronounced on a low rising tone, has nothing to do with the mythical creature, the rang, pronounced in a high falling tone, from whose tricks both the tiger and the bear in this tale suffered.

Very occasionally, in extreme circumstances a family, afraid that it was in danger of dying out, would perform an ancestral rite called a "Zi". Lavish hospitality was extended to a wide circle of relatives and friends and stabling was provided for those who came on horse back. It was as horse thieves that the rang and the tiger approached the gathering.

The second half of the story is a variation on the theme, "How the bear lost its tail".

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