The clever younger brother.

Told by Yang Xiu-gong.


The main point of this story is that a young man who has only just discovered that he has the ability to change into various animals, succeeds in outwitting Yeu-rang who is a seasoned exponent of the art.

The stable into which Yeu-rang shut his horse was inside the house itself, separated from human living quarters by a partition of wooden planks. The horse sent the two girls to the spring to fetch water, in order to give him time to kick down the planks and get out before the alarm could be raised.

The ant crawled into the catís ear to give the impression that it was just an ordinary ant behaving normally. Unsuspecting the cat brushed it away and the ant made good its escape. Ground popcorn was the food that a Miao would carry on a journey. It was mixed up with water and eaten as a paste. While the cat was busy eating the popcorn, he did not notice that he was about to be attacked. The weapon used, the washing dolly, was about the size and shape of an Indian club.

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