Two Miao lads who went to choose brides, together with matters concerning Yeu-rang.

Told by Yang Xiu-gong.


Yeu-rang’s magic fan, which received a passing reference in the previous tale, M474 and M475, becomes, in this one and the second half of the succeeding story, M477, a central feature and a useful means of getting rid of unwanted suitors for his daughters. As in the case of the magic bowl. M431, the magic power appears to have resided in the fan itself, combined with the use of the magic formula, and not in the person who was using it.

"You have arrived early" was a conventional greeting to guests, implying that they must have been travelling fast and hard to have arrived at this time. "Yellow moor" refers to a patch of ground from which the topsoil had been eroded, exposing the yellow clay subsoil in which nothing would grow. The cliff was red or brown by reason of minerals in the rock. The young men were blown on to an inaccessible ledge on the rock face. The "gnomes" were described as being like human beings in every respect except that they were only two feet high and also possessed magical powers. They normally lived in caves under ground.

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